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Since Shooting Unicorns inception in April 2017, we can proudly say that we are very honoured to have received these pretty damn awesome titles!

Top 3 Finalist:

🏅MongoDB World Hackathon (2019)

First place:

🥇GovHack: City of Melbourne Innovation space award (2018)

🥇IoT Cup: 1st place (2017)

Second place:

🥈AWS AI Hackathon: 2nd place (2018)

🥈Open Innovation Competition: 2nd place (2018)

Best company:

🏢MongoDB World hackathon (2019)

Honourable mention:

💬GovHack: City of Melbourne Activate Melbourne Honourable Mention (2018)

💬GovHack: IP Australia Bounty Honourable Mention (2017)

people's choice:

👑NAB Intersect Hackathon: People's choice award (2017)

👑Odecee Sprout: People's choice award (2017)


🤡Open Bank Hackathon: Most Unorthodox award (2017)

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GovHack 2018 The Next Busker
ClearPath City of Melbourne Accessibility Challenge
Open bank hackathon
IoT Cup 2017