We are Sam and Luannie, the two derp software developers behind Shooting Unicorns 🦄.

👋 Hello World!

We started Shooting Unicorns in 2017 as a playground for learning and shipping seemingly useless ideas with an open mind that it could become something more. Our vision is to build up a portfolio of niche products and services that could generate us passive income and/or eventuate into a startup 🦄

📜 Our history

We were both iOS developers consulting for enterprise clients when we met and quickly discovered our passion and ambition for what could be achieved with technology. Our first naive attempt together was applying for the Qantas Accelerator Program with just an idea, but as a result started our Shooting Unicorns journey.


💸 Making our first dollar

The biggest problem we were trying to solve was figuring out what we wanted to solve. Our lack of life and industry experience meant that the best of our ideas were literally first world problems. We ended up using hackathons as an outlet for exploring and in the process made $9,384.02 (about $782 per month) while rapidly testing out ideas across different industries.

what problem to solve

🦄 Building our name

MongoDB World Hackathon (2019)
  • 🏅 Top 3 Finalist
  • 🏢 Best Company Team
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Amazon Web Services AI Hackathon (2018)
  • 🥈 Second place
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GovHack (2018)
  • 🥇 City of Melbourne Innovation space Winner
  • 💬 City of Melbourne Activate Melbourne Honourable Mention
Open Innovation Competition (2018)
  • 🥈 Second place
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NAB Intersekt Hackathon (2017)
  • 👑 People's Choice award
GovHack (2017)
  • 💬 IP Australia Bounty Honourable mention
Open Banking Hackathon (2017)
  • 🤡 Most Unorthodox award
IoT Cup (2017)
  • 🥇 First place
Odecee Sprout Hackathon (2017)
  • 👑 People's Choice award

🔥 Finding our calling

We came across a trading promotion in Australia and it reminded us of how it was always something that we wanted to learn (there's even an illustrated book on getting started in stock analysis sitting in our Dropbox since 2017 😋). The main reasons why it never happened was because learning how to trade is painfully boring and having a full-time job made it restricting.

90% of traders lose money so we built Porysays with the vision to help people learn how to trade without burning their wallets. Users can write trading strategies using technical indicators, backtest their strategies using historical data to optimise performances and automate the process using paper trading.

It has been a big year for us and we are super proud to announce that Porysays is already an award winning platform 😉. We were invited to NYC to pitch Porysays and of course took the opportunity to take photos with the charging bull and the stock exchange!

what problem to solve

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