About us

Hurro! My name is Sam and I’m one of the pleb developers from Shooting Unicorns. Together with my partner in crime Luannie, we became two derp developers banding together to build all things tech in beautiful Melbourne, Australia.

Shooting Unicorns happens to be the brand/company/what ever it eventually evolves into that we use for housing our creations.

Useless box anyone?


We’ll be sharing our wildly ambitious, yet potentially unachievable venture to actualise our startup dream right here on this site we call our playground. The playground is an investment of time spent on shipping seemingly useless products with an open mind that one day it could be worth something more.

Our vision is to build a bunch of product/services that’ll one day allow us to work freely across the globe to our own accord. That is the dream.

So here goes nothing... follow our journey and if you're feeling particularly generous today, you can also kindly support us on Patreon 👉here 😅.

lol fulfilling asian stereotypes everyday✌️